Admission Procedure

Welcome to Delight school’s step-by-step guides for prospective students’ admissions. The following steps will help you throughout the admission process into our prestigious alma-mater.

How to apply for Admission into Delight International school?

The parent/guardian will have to purchase the school admission form where they’ll have to fill out some basic details about their ward(s)

The next and most important step is writing the school entrance exam. Which will enable the admission office spot out the student/pupil’s strength and weakness.

We go one step further to review the student/pupil’s academic strength and weakness with the parent/guardian to reach an agreement on how we can help their ward(s) improve academically and morally during their stay in the school.

After this review, If the admission office is satisfied with the entrance exam performance of the students/pupil, we will guide the parent on the best way to pay for registration.

Which classes can i enroll my children into?

Crèche, pre-nursery 1-2, nursery 1-2, grade 1 – 12.

How do i pay my School Fees?

Payment of school fee can be made either by bank transfer or through the POS machine in the administrative office.

How do i pay my School Fees?

For more enquiries on admission, payments or queries Get in touch with Us.  Mondays to Fridays during work hours.